Meet Poppy

You don't need to carry the full load of motherhood all the time.


Minimalist, Simplified, and Functional

The perfect sized crossbody bag. Plenty of room for the essentials you need, but none of the bulk. Leave the diaper bag in the car (or at home) and bring Poppy everywhere. Look stylish, feel like yourself, and don't compromise on functionality for you and baby.

All the Essentials

Thoughtfully designed with two separate sections: part diaper bag with a compartment for your baby essentials, and part purse with a separate compartment for your essentials. Multiple zippered and open pockets, a key leash and detachable pacifier leash, and an elastic pocket with an opening for wipes.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, and Vegan

Made from plant-based vegan “cactus leather". Cactus leather is a highly organic and environmentally friendly material, made from prickly pear cactus. The cactus farm serves as a natural carbon sink, requires no irrigation, supports biodiversity in the region, and enriches the soil. We could go on and on, but those are the highlights. 

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Hi 👋 I created Poppy

The bag every mom needs! ... Anytime I thought I could get away with not bringing my diaper bag into the store, my daughter would want water or need a diaper change so I’d be forced to take my big diaper bag with me. Well not anymore!


The poppy is literally BEAUTIFUL! The quality of the material & trendy design is flawless.


In my mom life, I feel like I'm constantly compromising form for function... I LOVE how the Poppy bag bridges that gap: it does everything I need it to do, and at the same time is gorgeous and luscious and makes me feel like the opposite of a slob.