What I Pack in My Poppy Bag While Potty Training

The Poppy Bag is designed to grow with you and your kids. You're ready to ditch the diapers and teach your kids the skills of doing their potty in the toilet–how exciting! During this phase I felt nervous that I'd need a big diaper bag for lots of extra changes of clothes and a potty seat to leave the house. Not true! Poppy is perfect for potty training little ones.

These are some of my favorite things to carry in my Poppy bag for my kids when they were newly potty trained.

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Travel Potty Seat

These potty seats are a must, and they fit in your Poppy Bag. These seats fold up, suction securely to public toilets or other people's homes.

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Extra Pants

I keep a pair of these super thin cotton pants inside the wipes pocket of the baby-side of the Poppy Bag, just in case we have an accident. I keep a second pair in the trunk of my car.

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Mini Wet Bag

I fold this one up and keep it just in case I need to bring a pair of soiled pants home. Most of the wet bags are unnecessarily large, and I like the size of these for just being for a thin pair of pants.

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Automatic Toilet Sensor Cover

These are helpful to keep the automatic flush from going off while your little one is on the potty. That can feel really scary and create a fear of the 'big toilet'.

Tip: If you don't want to buy something for this, a post it note works just as well and you can keep a thin stack in your Poppy Bag.

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