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Wipe-clean changing mat

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Poppy offers a matching, foldable, wipe-clean changing mat that fits perfectly inside the Poppy bag. Gorgeous prints that match the interior of the Poppy bag linings. 

Each mat is designed with an elastic strap to secure the folded mat. It is compact and folds to slip easily into the baby side on our Poppy.  Pro Tip: you can slip a diaper under the elastic too! 
Product Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Wipe-clean
  • Lightly padded for comfort
  • Easy elastic loop for closure


  • Folded: 21 cm long x 17 cm wide x 4 cm deep
  • Unfolded: 24 inches long x 13 inches wide

*No returns on this item. Poppy Bag sold separately. 

This product is included with your Poppy bag purchase for the add-on price of $10. Sold separately for $25.